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Idea: nursing in australia-a guide to working & living as a nurse down under

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Nursing Australia-

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Welcome to Nursing in Australia
A Guide to Working and Living as a Nurse Down Under

Are you a Nurse or Midwife who wants to work in Australia but you don't
know how to go about it? Have you looked into it but found the whole
process too complicated? Do you just have itchy feet and are looking to
change jobs but not sure what you really want to do next? Then look no
further because this eBook is for you.

However, if you are a student or graduate nurse already living in
Australia and are looking for help in understanding the Australian
health service, we have developed a smaller eBook just for you!


There has never been a better time to use your skills as a passport to
travel. Every year thousands of nurses travel or migrate looking for
better working conditions, career development, variety and adventure or
just the novelty of seeing a new country. Those that do, realise you
don't have to travel thousands of miles just to stay for only a few
weeks, when you can stay longer, work as a nurse and enjoy the
Australian lifestyle. Australia is such an attractive place to work,
with plenty of nursing jobs and professional development opportunities.
If you're just thinking about it or actually have plans to travel to
Australia to work, then this is definitely the eBook for you. Keep

Nursing in Australia- -

Search for a Nursing Agency

Copyright Emma Bates 2009-2016

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eBook | Links | Contact Us
ABN 13 761 617 801

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